DVR Warehousing offers 9 warehouses with a capacity of 25.000 m2,which offers storage possibilities for merchant's goods and hazzardous goods (ADR) (in accordance with environmental permit/hazardous substances publication series). Your goods can be stored temporarily or for a longer period of time.


All our warehouses are equipped with a burglar alarm system level 3 and a camera system which is standby 24/7. Because of this you can rest assure that your goods are stored in a secure environment. Nowadays most of the insurance companies require this kind of safety precaution.


Our warehouses are equipped with electric roofed loading docks with sprinkler systems.  They also have the following features:

  • Fully automatic sprinkler systems (water) with protection level 1
  • The sprinkler system has its own clean water tank with a capacity of 1.235 m3
  • Two warehouses are equipped with AFFF foam generating system
  • Suitable for storage of all ADR dangerous substances/goods (in accordance with environmental permit/PGS-15), with the exception of ADR class 1 and 7
  • A deepened street which serves as closed collection tray during an incident
  • Special floors that have a sufficient fall towards the deepened street and are fluid resistant
  • Equipped with insulated (R 2.5) ceilings covered with flame extinguishing materials
  • Racks for block and euro pallets, but also "length" pallets of 400 cm are possible
  • Suitable for bulk storage, such as big bags, barrels, IBC, etc.