DVR Warehousing has spent the past years specializing in the storage of harmless and hazardous goods. As one of the few companies in the region we are entitled to take large amounts of aerosols in storage. We offer storage for merchant's goods and hazardous (ADR) (in accordance with environmental permit/hazardous substances publication series) goods that may be stored temporarily or for a longer period of time.


We meet the strict requirements for storage of hazardous goods. This is subject to the safety regulations of the BRZO. Because of this the safety and quality of our company is on a high level.


We have 9 warehouses with a capacity of 25.000 m2 to store your goods. All warehouses are equipped with  sprinkler systems. We have water and AFFF sprinklers. The roofed electric docks are also provided with sprinklers. They have their own construction work for water fire extinguishing with 3 dieselpumps.


According to the regulations the entire installation will be inspected every 2 weeks. When something happens the released fire fighting water will be absorbed into the deepened street. The deepened street has a capacity of 1.830 m3. It makes environmental incidents like contamination of groundwater and/or environmant impossible.