In July 2001 DVR Warehousing was founded as a family business by father Dick van Rooijen Sr. and son Dick van Rooijen Jr. Recently Senior has, due to his age, transferred the company to his son. The warehouses are sittuated in Spijkenisse, approximately 20 kilometres away from the harbor of Rotterdam.


Originally DVR started as a transport company with one truck in 1983. Throughout the years the company increased to a total of 24 trucks. Nowadays our main focus is warehousing.


In 2001 DVR Warehousing started managing one warehouse of 2000 m2 and has expanded into a company managing 9 warehouses with a total of 25.000 m2. The warehouses are equipped with modern pallet racks. These warehouses are suitable for the storage of environmentally hazardous goods (ADR) and harmless goods (Merchant goods).


DVR warehousing will expand in the near future.